Benefits of Cupping Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Back Cupping benefits for health

Cupping is a well-known therapy that has been scientifically proven to treat many health issues. One of them is the lower back pain. Can cupping help treating lower back pain? The answer is, yes it can. In fact, we will tell you about it. So if you want to know how cupping can help treating and back cupping benefits in general, just read on.

How Cupping Therapy Works

Cupping therapy involves the use of small cups. When these small cups are applied on the patient’s back, they create a negative pressure due to the vacuum inside. Here, a negative pressure acts just like the applied pressure during massage. The negative pressure sucks up the skin, in turn, relax and loosen stiff muscles underneath and stimulate blood flow in the affected areas.

To create the vacuum, a therapist will heat the small cups either by directly boiling them (this also sterilizes it) or put a burning object inside them. When this object is removed from the cup, this creates a vacuum which in turn creates a negative pressure, resulting in the sucking up of the patient’s skin.

The small cups in cupping therapy can be applied to various pressure points. Including, back, shoulders, hips, legs and even head. Here, we will put our focus on cupping on back.

How Cupping Therapy Treat Lower Back Pain

As you might have known, cupping brings many benefits. A number of benefits will treat lower back pain both directly and indirectly. The following are back cupping benefits that will treat lower back pain.

  • Pain Relief

First and foremost, pain relief. This benefit is why many people choose cupping therapy. We all know that lower back pain can be very painful. When cupping therapy is used on a patient’s who suffer from lower back pain, the pain they feel will be reduced. Indeed, you will feel better after having a cupping therapy.

Cupping acupuncture combination

Although the pain relief benefit may not directly treat lower back pain, the fact that it reduces the pain of lower back pain is a good enough reason to do it. In most cases, the lower back pain will disappear in two or three weeks. While waiting for our body to recover, it will be great to reduce the pain we feel during this period.

  • Improved Blood Circulation

The suction of cupping therapy makes the blood vessels, as well as capillaries, expands. As a result, the affected areas will have better blood circulation. It doesn’t stop there, though. The blood that comes rushing to the affected areas is rich in oxygen and nutrients.

Due to improved blood circulation, the stiff tissues and tight muscles will relax. As a result, you will feel less discomfort.
In addition to this, the blood also carries away the pathogens inside the body (dead cells, toxins and other debris which may hinder the healing process and cause pain).

  • Relaxation

Stress can lead to various problems, including lower back pain. Not only that, stress may also hinder the healing process, making the illness or injury last longer. Here is where cupping therapy helps: by helping you to relax.

Relaxation will ease your stress. As a result, you feel better (yes, even if you still have lower back pain) and the healing process goes faster.

  • Healing Faster

How does cupping therapy heal lower back pain faster? By inducing inflammation. Don’t worry. Not all inflammation is bad. Inflammation is nothing more than your body’s defense mechanism to heal injury and illness. This is how cupping help treats lower back pain.

When inflammation happens, the body floods the affected areas with blood rich in oxygen and nutrients, white blood cells, fibroblasts, and platelets. As a result, the healing process in the affected areas will be faster.

These are cupping benefits for lower back pain. As you can see, cupping helps in treating lower back pain in several ways. All of which will make you feel better, feel less pain and most importantly, heal faster.

Should you try cupping to treat your lower back pain? We think so. Other than cupping bruises, cupping has no side effect if it is done properly. So, yes, if you suffer from lower back pain, there is no reason not to try cupping. What do you think?

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