Cupping in Islam


Hadith About Hijama and Benefits for Health in Islam

Today, there are many treatments people undergo so they can be cured of their sickness. From modern treatments like surgery and medicine to alternative treatments like acupuncture, herbal remedy, ...

Hijama sunnah

What You Need to Know about Hijama Sunnah in Islam

For Muslims, hijama or cupping is not only a therapy for the body but also for the soul. Indeed, practicing hijama is sunnah. While practicing hijama sunnah is a good thing, there are rules that s...

Pak doni

Hijama Cupping Therapy in Islam : History, Types and Benefits

Let’s talk about cupping therapy in Islam. Hijama, or more popularly known as cupping, is a natural treatment that has a long history. This natural treatment can be traced back to ancient Egypt,...