Smart Reason Why You Should Try Chinese Fire Cupping Therapy

Chinese fire Cupping

There are many alternative therapies out there. The problem is that not all therapies are equal. Some are better than the others. Some are effective some are not. Here in this article, we will tell you about an effective, beneficial alternative therapy. Namely, Chinese fire cupping or better known as fire cupping therapy.

We will tell you about what therapy is, how it is used, the motive behind and of course, fire cupping benefits and side effects. Let’s start.

What Is Fire Cupping Therapy?

Fire cupping therapy or Chinese fire cupping is a therapy that involves small cups used as suction devices that are applied to the skin. The suction is created through heat, which is generated by using fire on the cups before their application. After these heated cups are applied, they will be either moved around or left in place. The suction caused by these processes cause the skin as well as muscle layer to be slightly drawn upward.

How Is Fire Cupping Therapy Used?

The therapy works more or less opposite to massage. Massage is the application of pressure to the muscles. Cupping, instead of applying pressure, pulls the muscles upward. While fire cupping can be seen as a standalone treatment, sometimes it is used in combination with other therapies, including massage, acupuncture and herbal remedies.

The Philosophy behind the Therapy

Fire cupping is based on Chinese philosophy. According to Chinese philosophy, stagnation causes pain. To remove the pain, the stagnation needs to be removed first. Fire cupping works exactly to remove the blockage that causes this stagnation.

Fire Cupping Therapy Benefits

Health Benefits Chinese Fire Cupping

What kind of health benefits of this therapy? There are many. Here are some examples of fire cupping health benefits.

  • Cupping is considered as the best deep-tissue therapy available. Many people thought that the therapy affects up to 4 inches deep from the outer skin. Within this range, toxic substances, as well as blockages in veins and arteries, can be cleaned. As these impurities are removed, the body will be able to function properly.
  • The detoxifying effect of cupping on both skin and the circulatory system cannot be neglected. It removes toxins from the body as well as improves the blood flow. Within only 3 to 5 treatments, many patients reported that their skin color has been improved.
  • Fire cupping uses negative pressure and suction. Both of these help to loosen tight muscles, improving blood flow as well as sedating the patient’s nervous system. These effects make fire cupping an excellent alternative treatment for hypertension.
  • Fire cupping is an excellent treatment for the respiratory system. It can treat a common cold as it clears congestion or help improve asthma. As a matter of fact, cupping is most popularly known to treat respiratory issues.
  • Fire cupping can also treat other conditions, such as anxiety, stiff muscles, migraine, fatigue, neck pains, cellulite, rheumatism and even weight loss. For cellulite and weight loss treatments, fire cupping will be done slightly different. In this case, oil is applied to the skin the cups. The cups will also be moved around as well.
  • Cupping is also known to bring positive effects to the digestive system. For instance, improving appetite and metabolism, making the digestion system stronger, and relieving constipation.
  • A study has been done on cupping. It was found that cupping can help treat skin conditions such as pain, acne, and herpes zoster.

Side Effects

There is no therapy that doesn’t come with side effects. Fire cupping is no exception. There are cupping therapy side effects. The most common side effect is bruising. But, there is nothing to worry about it. Bruising caused by cupping will disappear in a few days.

Other side effects of this therapy include mild pain and discomfort, burns and skin infection. However, these side effects are unlikely to happen if the therapy is done by a trained therapist.

That’s the overview of fire cupping therapy. As you can see, there are many health benefits you can get from it with only a mild side effect. Seeing those many health benefits and negligible side effect, it is not surprising if many people choose fire cupping as their alternative therapy.

What do you think about fire cupping? Are you interested in trying it now? You should try it sometimes.

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