Should You Worry about Bruises Mark After Cupping?

Bruises mark after cupping

Have you ever see cupping bruises? Many people who are not familiar with cupping misunderstand bruises mark after cupping. They think that it is some sort of evidence of physical abuse. Of course, this is downright false.

Contrary to that belief, these bruises are marks of a therapy that has been practiced for ages to help the body. As you may have noticed, a lot of celebrities and athletes got this therapy. They even proudly show off their bruises mark after cupping.

In this article, we will tell you about what these bruises are, how long will they last, spots and what does cupping do for the body. If you are interested, just read on.

Why Does It Happen?

You might have wondered what caused cupping bruises. Before going further, let us clarify something: these marks are not bruises. That’s right. There is no bruising after cupping.

Technically speaking, bruises appear when there is a blunt injury or trauma. The impact of such injury or trauma breaks the blood capillaries under the skin. As a result, the skin will appear reddish. As a response to this, the body then sends healing fluids to the affected area, which makes that area even more reddish.

Cupping involves none of the above. Bruises are caused by pressure while marks from cupping are caused by suction. The most important distinguishing part here is that cupping marks are not painful, unlike bruises. There may be slight discomfort but it will disappear quickly.

Cupping bruises

How Long Will They Last?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about cupping. So, how long will these marks last? Don’t worry, they will not last long. You can even predict the duration of how long these marks last by seeing their colors.

The colors of cupping marks range from pink, bright red to darker purple. In general, the brighter the color the quicker it will disappear. At the quickest, these marks disappear in a few hours. At the latest, it will disappear in 3 weeks.

Why is the duration different? Well, the color of the marks indicates stagnation and toxicity level in the affected areas. The darker the color, the more stagnant and the higher level of toxins present. In this case, it may disappear in 3 weeks. However, if there is no stagnation or toxin, which is indicated by bright red color, it will disappear in a few hours after the treatment is over.

Also important to mention, if you have darker color marks from a session, you will get lighter color marks from the next session. With each session, the amount of pathogen present inside your body is decreasing.

The less pathogen there is, the lighter the color of the marks will be. At some point, you will have no marks at all even if the intensity of the suction is increased and the duration is prolonged.

Spots and Blisters

Other than marks, cupping may also leave spots. There are tiny spots, purple spots, black spots and minute blisters. If you have any of these spots after a cupping session, you may have toxin inside your body. If you have minute blisters, you may have accumulated fluids inside the affected areas. This may be an indication of anemia.

What Does Cupping Do for the Body?

Cupping works just like massage but in reverse. When massage applies pressure on to the skin, cupping applies negative pressure, which sucks the skin upward. By doing so, cupping improves the blood circulation in the affected areas, remove stagnation, remove pathogen and provide a pain relief in case of injury or trauma.

In the case of wet cupping, there is also detoxification by bleeding. It is done by incisions on the skin which let out blood that contains pathogen and toxin.
Now that you know ‘cupping bruises’ are not the same bruise caused by injury or trauma, you should not worry about it. Yes, even if you have darker cupping marks after a cupping session. If anything, it should make you want to do cupping again. If you have lighter cupping marks, then good for you since that means you have a healthy body. And if you haven’t tried it yet, you should try it sometimes. It gives you lots of health benefits with no side effect, after all.

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