Is Cupping during Pregnancy Dangerous?

cupping during pregnancy

Cupping is a therapy that brings lots of benefits. From relaxation to curing diseases. But, if you are pregnant, is it safe for you? Is cupping during pregnancy safe? Can cupping cause miscarriage? Don’t worry. We will tell you the answers.

Below are the effects of cupping during pregnancy, when is the time allowed for cupping and when is not as well as safety concerns. Before we go there, we will give you an overview of the therapy first.

Cupping Therapy

So, what is cupping therapy? It is a therapy that has been practiced for centuries throughout the globe. It brings lots of health benefits. It can cure fever, improve blood circulation, help to relax and reduce stress, to name a few.

There are two types of cupping therapy: wet and dry. Both types more or less use the same procedure. The only difference is that wet cupping involves incisions, which is done for detoxification. For pregnant women, dry cupping is preferred.

In general, cupping therapy of any type is safe. If the procedure is done properly, there is no side effect of cupping therapy. The only side effect of cupping therapy is the bruise, which will disappear in a few days anyway.

Sometimes burn or infection may happen, but these are rare and only happen when it is not done properly. If you have a professional therapist to do cupping therapy on you, the chance of experiencing side effect is very little.

Cupping during Pregnancy

Now you know that cupping is safe under normal circumstances. But, what about when you are pregnant? Is it safe? Can cupping cause miscarriage? For pregnant women, cupping is safe as long as it is done in proper places at the certain moment.

First, for a pregnant woman, the cupping process should not be done on the abdomen area. Yes, the abdomen area should not be cupped. The cupping should also only dry with light or moderate intensity. Second, cupping therapy can be done so long as the pregnancy has not yet reached 6 months. If you are pregnant for more than 6 months, it is best to avoid cupping for the time being.

In summary, cupping is allowed if the pregnancy is less than 6 month and done dry with light or moderate intensity while avoiding abdomen area.

Health Benefits of Cupping during Pregnancy

What about the health benefits? Pregnancy can be stressful for some women. Some women may also feel pain during this period. Here, cupping can help them relieve the stress and the pain during pregnancy. Of course, they will also get other health benefits such as improved blood circulation, improving nervous system and eliminating weakness in their body. Overall, it helps to keep a woman healthy, which is very important during pregnancy.

There Are Also Other Benefits

Are there any other benefits of cupping when you are pregnant? Apparently not. There are still other benefits. But, this time it is not related directly to your health. Rather, it is related to your appearance. Namely, improving your skin condition.

Losing skin elasticity, stretch mark, abdominal “pouch” and spider veins are common skin conditions affecting pregnant women. Don’t be surprised and don’t panic if you have any of these conditions. You can get rid of them with dry cupping and massage.

As you might have known, cupping can also be used in combination with other therapies such as massage. For a pregnant woman, dry cupping and massage using coconut oil will be very beneficial to their skin.

Coconut oil can be used as moisturizing agent and anti-oxidants. Combined with dry cupping and massage, coconut oil will keep your skin moisturized, thereby reducing the chance of stretch marks formation as well as protecting your skin. Since coconut oil keeps your skin nourished, your skin will be supple, resilient and strong.

Better yet, dry cupping and massage using coconut oil can be done before, during and after pregnancy. So, if you have skin conditions caused by pregnancy, you can treat them and return to your pre-pregnancy body.

As you can see, cupping during pregnancy is not dangerous so long as it is done properly. If you want to do it, make sure that the treatment is done by a professional. That way, you will reap all the benefits, both for your health and appearance.

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