How Cupping Therapy Can Relieve Foot Pain?

cupping foot pain

Pain on foot is very uncomfortable, to say the least. How could it now? We move our feet every day. A slight of pain on a foot is already very discomforting, even more so pain from plantar fasciitis. Fortunately, there is a therapy that can help alleviate the pain. Namely, cupping.

If you want to know more about cupping foot pain, you may want to read on. Here in this article, we will tell you about this wonderful therapy, how it relieves foot pain and its side effects. If you suffer from foot pain, this may the solution you are looking for. Let’s get to know about this therapy first.

What Is Cupping?

Before we start, here are two types of cupping, dry and wet cupping. For foot pain, the therapy used is dry cupping. So that is what we are focusing here.

Cupping is a therapy that involves the use of negative pressure which is applied to a patient’s skin. This negative pressure or suction draws the skin and the tissues underneath upward. Thus, allowing tight muscles and other connecting tissues to loosen up while at the same time stimulating blood flow to the areas.

During the therapy the therapist will either move or leave the cups on their place, depending on the therapist. If it is moved, then it is likely to involve massage oil.

A cupping session usually lasts only a few minutes, about 5 to 10 minutes. After this duration, the cups will be removed by the therapist.

Does It Work?

Does cupping therapy work? Of course. In fact, cupping is well-known to provide relaxation, pain relief and even treat other health problems such as cold, inflammation, respiratory, digestion issues and of course, foot pain.

cupping on feet

Cupping for Foot Pain

Alright, now let’s talk about cupping therapy for foot pain. The effect of cupping as a pain relief is beyond doubt. Many have proven this again and again. But what about foot pain? It turns out, it is no different. Cupping also works for foot pain.

This is true, even for a very painful condition like plantar fasciitis. While more study is definitely needed, a study found that dry cupping therapy when it is done in tandem with electrical stimulation therapy can significantly reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis in most of the participants. In fact, most participants reported that they experience much less overall pain and morning pain. And this is after only 2 dry cupping sessions a week for a month.

How Does It Treat Foot Pain?

Now you may wonder how cupping foot pain works. Let us explain.

In deep tissue massage, a pressure is applied to certain parts of the body. This pressure helps the muscle and other tissues to relax. At the same time, stimulating blood flow to the areas. Cupping has the same effect albeit it works by using negative pressure. That is, not by pressing down but by drawing up the skin and the tissues underneath.

If your foot pain is caused by injury or tight muscle, cupping will be a great option. It will loosen your tight muscle and make the healing process of injury quicker. This is all thanks to its ability to stimulate blood flow. Since cupping mimics how inflammation happens, your body will send blood rich in nutrient and oxygen to the affected areas. As a result, the healing process becomes quicker due to the nutrient and oxygen blood.

Another cupping benefits for foot pain is that it makes you relax. Since you are relaxed and not stressed, your body will be able to function optimally. This will help you to recover from foot pain even faster. All the while, the pain you experience will be reduced significantly as well, which is great.

Side Effects

Cupping is not without side effects. It causes bruises, burns, and sensation of pinching. However, excluding bruises, you are not likely to experience these side effects if you get it from an expert therapist. The bruises will be gone in a few days, so there is nothing to worry about.

These are the relieving effects of cupping foot pain. As you can see, there are lots of benefits to gain from this therapy for foot pain. Yet, the side effects are minimal. Even close to zero if you get it from an expert therapist. So if you suffer from foot pain, consider getting this therapy to help alleviate your pain and quicken the healing process.

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