Looking for an Effective Acne Treatment? Try Cupping for Acne

Cupping for acne

Acne is a skin condition that affects everyone. Left untreated, acne will leave unwanted acne marks which make you look less appealing. As you may have noticed, there are lots of acne treatments out there. Each claims that they are effective for treating acne, which may or may not be true. Here let us tell you one treatment that is very effective to treat acne: cupping.


Yes, cupping. Cupping is known for its many benefits. But can it treat acne? Yes, it can. In fact, we will talk about cupping for acne in this article. So if you want to find out more, just read on. We will give you an overview of cupping and explain how it works for acne.

Cupping Therapy Overview

  • History

Before we get to how cupping therapy acne works, let’s start with knowing what this therapy is. Cupping is a therapy that has been practiced throughout the world for many centuries. Cupping therapy can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian.

Known as Ba Hou Guan in Chinese, cupping therapy is done in order to remove stagnation of qi (energy) which is the cause of many health issues. In the Middle East, cupping therapy is known as hijama. Hijama is unique because it is done not only to treat health issues but is also done as a religious practice for Muslims.

Back then, cupping therapy uses a horn as the cup. Today, glass, plastic and silicon cups are used.

  • How It Is Done

Cupping therapy is done by creating a negative pressure inside cups to lift up the skin. This negative pressure is the effect of a vacuum, which is created either using heat or a pump. A traditional cupping therapy will use heat to create the vacuum while a modern cupping therapy will use a pump.

  • Benefits

There are many benefits of cupping therapy. For example, treating fever, treating muscle pain, treating back pain, improving blood circulation, giving a pain relief and treating some skin conditions like acne. Here, we will focus on cupping for acne and cupping for acne scars.

Cupping Therapy Acne

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, acne is caused by stagnation, heat, and dampness. As such, acne is treated with wet cupping which in particular better for removing stagnation and heat.

The effectiveness of cupping therapy for acne has been proven by many studies and reports. In these studies and reports, cupping therapy (alone and in combination with other treatments) is found to treat acne, especially cystic and inflammatory acne.

For example, a small trial involving a treatment combining wet cupping and herbal face mask resulted in significant improvement of acne in most of the participants. In one study it was found that 10 in 11 people experienced improvement in their skin conditions.

No one knows exactly why cupping therapy is effective to treat acne. Many experts have theorized that wet cupping has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which are why wet cupping is effective to treat acne.

Is It Safe?

Yes, cupping therapy is a safe treatment for acne. There is no side effect of cupping other than bruising. Even the bruise will disappear in a few days. In several cases, side effect like anemia does happen due to wet cupping. However, it only happens if the treatment is done too many times. So long as cupping is done by a professional therapist and not done too many times, it has no side effect.

Are there cupping points for acne? Yes, there are. However, cupping therapy acne is not done directly on the acne. Instead, most of the time it is done on the back. The goal is to remove inflammation and toxin. Since acne is caused by inflammation and toxin, it can be treated indirectly through other parts of the body, including the back.

There are many acne treatments out there. Some are effective, some are not. Cupping is the former. Cupping is not only effective but also safe and has no side effect, too. There is no reason not to like it.

Now, you know about face cupping for acne and its effects. What do you think? Are you interested in doing this therapy? Cupping therapy gives you many health benefits, treating acne is just one, and it comes without any side effect if done by a professional therapist. If you are looking for an effective acne treatment, look no further than cupping therapy.

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