4 Benefits of Cupping Therapy for Athletes

benefits of cupping for athletes

Do you remember Michael Phelps who has bruises on his body back in 2016 Olympic? Those bruises are the result of cupping therapy. The fact is, many athletes get this therapy. You may have wondered why these athletes get this therapy. Do you want to know more about cupping for athletes? If you do, just read on. Here you will learn about cupping, its benefits, and its side effects.

About Cupping

Cupping is a therapy that is known to provide many health benefits. It involves the application of cups on the skin to create a negative pressure. It is well-known to be applied on the back, but it can also be applied to other areas, including head, neck, shoulder, and feet.


So, what are the benefits of cupping for athletes? There are many but most importantly, it removes toxins, reduces inflammation, provides a relief for plantar fasciitis and loosens tight muscles.

• Toxins Removal

One of the benefits of cupping for athletes is that it removes toxins. Athletes must undergo intensive training so they can perform at their best. This intensive training often leads to stress. As a result of stress, there is a buildup of toxins inside their body. For example, lactic acid, uric acid, calcium deposits, and cholesterol.

If left untreated, these toxins will hinder athletes from performing their best. Fortunately, cupping can help. Cupping will break down these toxins, making it easier for the body to remove them from the system.

• Reduce Inflammation

Another way cupping is beneficial for athletes: by reducing inflammation. The intensive training that athletes undergo may not only cause stress but also inflammation and stiffness in their joints as well. Since cupping work in a similar manner like deep tissue massage, it helps in reducing both inflammation and stiffness in athletes’ joints. This is, of course, beneficial for athletes. After all, it makes healing process quicker as well as provides a pain relief.

• Providing a Relief for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common feet ailment that affects people who overuse their feet, which includes athletes. This ailment happens when a ligament tissue, known as plantar fascia, inflamed. As a result, the athlete who has this condition will experience an excruciating pain to the point of inability to set their foot down.

Here, cupping can help provide a relief from this condition. While the scientific study is very limited in this area, one study has found that cupping, when combined with electrical therapy, provide a pain relief and quicken the healing process.

That said, the pain relief benefit of cupping has been proven again and again. So, at the very least cupping will provide a relief for plantar fasciitis while at best it can quicken the healing process. Either way, it is a beneficial therapy for athletes who have this condition.

• Loosen Tight Muscles

Lastly, cupping can make tight muscles loose. Not only that, it can even relieve strains in hamstring as well regardless whether it is caused by injury or not. For this reason, cupping allows athletes to train harder for a longer duration. It is also noted that when cupping is done, athletes report that they are more flexible and able move to more extent.

Side Effects

What about cup therapy side effects? Every treatment comes with side effects. Of course, cupping is not an exception. That’s correct. There are side effects of cupping.

There are two types of cupping, dry and wet. For dry cupping, the side effects include bruise, a feeling of pinching during treatment and burns. For wet cupping, it has the side effects of dry cupping in addition to infection since it involves incision to the skin.

Should you worry about this? The answer is no, provided that the therapy is done by a professional therapist. A professional therapist will ensure you that neither burns nor infection happen to you.

These are the benefits and side effects of cupping for athletes. All of the benefits certainly help athletes to train and perform better. It is not surprising if many athletes get this therapy. But, it does have side effects. So, if you want to get this therapy, be sure that you only get it from a professional therapist. This way, you will get all the benefits while minimizing the side effects.

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