Cupping Therapy Benefits to Relieve Back Pain

Cupping therapy for back pain

Should you try cupping for back pain? Absolutely. If you are stressed and/or suffer back pain, cupping can help treat those problems. Here in this article, we will tell you about cupping what the therapy is all about, how is it done and its benefits. Alright. Before we start, let’s get to know about cupping therapy.

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is a very old therapy that has been practiced for hundreds of years. From ancient China, ancient Egypt to the Middle East. It is not surprising if cupping therapy survives to this day. After all, the therapy provides many health benefits and almost no side effect if done properly.

Cupping therapy works similarly to massage therapy. Only, it is done in reverse. When massage therapy is done, the pressure is applied on to the skin (inward movement). On the other hand, in cupping therapy, suction is applied on to the skin (outward movement).

The benefits of cupping therapy are well known. For instance, improved blood circulation, detoxification and pain relief. As for the benefits of cupping for back pain, we will get to it shortly. Let’s see how the therapy works first.

Muscle and Back Pain

A muscle is on stretch all the time. When it is shortened or tight, it will cause pain in the areas where it is attached to. The reason behind this is that there are nerves in the area where a muscle is attached to bones. Since all muscle in our lower back is attached to the spinal column, a shortened or tight muscle in this area will result in back pain.

How Cupping Therapy Works

Cupping therapy works using a simple mechanical principle. That is, by creating a vacuum inside the cups to draw skin and muscle tissue upward. There are two ways to create this vacuum. In a traditional cupping therapy, a vacuum is created by heating the cups. In a more modern cupping therapy, a vacuum is created by using a pump to draw air out.

The suction draws the soft tissues, which include skin, muscle, connective tissue, and fascia. Thus, it effectively lengthens and stretches muscle fibers. This stretching effect enables the affected areas to lengthen a bit, returning them to their normal resting state. The result is the tissue is returned to its normal length.

Benefits cupping for back pain

There are also trigger points or cupping points for back pain. A trigger point is an area where a muscle is prone to tighten and bound up. Cupping, when done in these points, will relax the muscle. As a result, the muscle will return to its normal condition and not tightened or bound up.

When a trigger point is developed, the muscle in that area will not be able to completely relax and return to its normal position. This leads to dehydration of muscle cells. Since muscle cells are made from fluid-like substances, they become dry, stiff, rigid and less elastic when they are dehydrated.

How Effective Is Cupping Therapy for Back Pain

Cupping therapy is effective for back pain because it can access several trigger points at once in a quick and accurate way. Cupping will stretch, lengthen and return muscle in these trigger points, effectively curing back pain. For the optimal healing effect of cupping therapy, go to a professional cupping therapist.

Benefits of Cupping for Back Pain

There are several benefits of cupping for back pain. For example,

  • Pain Relief

First and foremost, it provides pain relief. If you suffer from back pain, cupping will help alleviate the pain.

  • Quicken Healing Process

Secondly, cupping stretches and lengthens muscle in the affected areas. As such, if the back pain is caused by tightened muscle, cupping will quicken the healing process.

  • Faster Recovery

Thirdly, cupping improves blood circulation and brings oxygen and nutrients rich blood to the affected areas. This will help you to recover from back pain quicker.

  • Relaxation

Back pain is associated with stress. Relaxation is the immediate benefits you will feel shortly after cupping. As such, it may alleviate stress-related back pain.
In short, cupping does help back pain. Not only it treats back pain, it also makes it heal quicker. If you have back pain, you should try cupping. Have a professional therapist does it for you for optimal benefits.

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