How does Cupping Therapy Work for Migraines?

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Cupping effective for migraines

Cupping therapy can treat many health issues. One of them is migraines. Lots of patients who have migraines reported that they experience less and fewer migraines after they get cupping. Do you want to know more about cupping for migraines? If so, read on. We will explain about cupping and why it works for migraines. Let’s begin.

Studies about Cupping Therapy Effectiveness

So far, many researchers have studied the effect of cupping for migraines. The studies have positive results. We will include two examples of these studies below.

A study done in 2008 found that the effect of cupping for a headache. In this study, 70 participants who have a headache were treated with a variation of cupping therapy. Among the 70 participants, 75% reported that the intensity and frequency of their headache are reduced.

In another study done in 2010, participants who have chronic headaches were treated with cupping therapy. Many of these participants reported that the headaches they experience were significantly less severe than before the therapy.

Of course, there still a lot of studies about cupping and migraines. These two are merely examples to illustrate the point of how effective cupping to treat headaches is.

Treating Migraines with Cupping

There are many kinds of headaches and migraines are only one of them. Each kind of a headache may have different cupping points than the other. Indeed, there are cupping points for migraines. We will get to it shortly.

Let’s continue about how cupping treats migraines. In cupping for migraines, the therapist will apply essential oils (usually eucalyptus or lavender) before they apply the cups. After a negative pressure is applied to the patient’s skin, the cups are then moved using different motions.

Cupping for migraines

The essential oils used in cupping have two functions. First, they act as lubrication which allows the cups to be moved easily. Second, they are natural pain relievers, which reduce the pain from migraines even further.

Why Cupping Works

The main cause of migraines is a reduced blood flow to the brain. This is the reason why migraines are also known as vascular headaches. Every time a person who has a migraine experiences a trigger (can be a loud noise, stress or strong odors, for example) some of the muscles in their head go into spasm. As a result, blood flow to the brain is reduced which in turn causes migraines.

In order to compensate reduced blood flow, the brain’s blood vessels start to expand. The pressure that these blood vessels exert press the brain nerves away, resulting in the patient experiencing severe pulsating pain. This process is also why a person with migraines also sees visual auras during their migraines. Other effects are nausea and vomiting. During their migraines moment, the patient may also feel more pain when they see bright lights, hear loud sounds or do regular physical tasks.

Since migraines can be traced back to tensed muscles, cupping can help. In this case, cupping works effectively for migraines because it relaxes the tensed muscles which ultimately cause migraines. Since the muscles are no longer tense, the blood flow to the brain is normalized. As a result, the pain of migraines is relieved.

To treat migraines, there are specific points where cupping is done. These points are forehead, cheekbones, and nape, just below the hairline. The therapy is started by moving a cup in an up and down motion over the patient’s forehead. Then, the cup is moved in sideways motion between cheekbones, just below the eyes. After that, the cup is moved over the cheekbones.

The above are the cupping points. However, the therapy is not limited to those points. Your therapist may also target the chin, both sides of the neck, shoulder, areas behind the ear, right and left carotid.

The main benefits of benefits of cupping for migraines are muscle relaxation and increased blood flow. Both of these not only cure migraines. They also reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines as well.

That’s all. These are why cupping is effective for migraines and how effective cupping for migraines is. So, if you have been suffering from migraines for years, cupping may be the therapy you need. It is a safe therapy with almost no side effects and it is proven again and again as an effective pain reliever. It is worth the try.

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