Benefits of Cupping Therapy for Muscle Recovery

Cupping Sore Muscles

Cupping was relatively unknown for most Western people. And yet, this therapy has existed for centuries. Its existence to this day is a testament to its effectiveness. Today, the popularity of this therapy is increasing. From celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow to Olympians like Michael Phelps make cupping as their favorite therapy.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about cupping muscle. Cupping is known for its benefits for many things. But what about muscle? Does it have benefits for muscle too? If you want to know the answer, just read on.

Why Cupping?

Why should you choose cupping for muscle knots? Why should you choose it for muscle soreness or injury? Well, the reason is that cupping brings a lot of benefits while posing little to no risk.
Cupping is not invasive like surgery. Neither is it brings side effects like conventional medicine. The risks of cupping, like burns, a slight feeling of pinching, only happen if it is done improperly. Another risk is bruising but then again it will disappear in a few days.

Cupping Procedure

Cupping is performed by applying multiple cups on the patient’s skin. These cups use a vacuum inside. This vacuum results in the suction of skin, muscle and other connecting tissues underneath the skin. This effect, also known as negative pressure, stimulates blood circulation, loosen tight muscles and remove any toxins and impurities in the blood vessels.

There are many areas that can be cupped. For instance, back, shoulder, neck, head, hand, and foot. In case of cupping for muscle recovery, the process may be done on the affected areas.

Cupping Sore Muscles: How It Helps

Now, how does cupping help muscle-related problems? There are three ways cupping helps. First, it acts as a pain relief so the pain you feel is lessened. Second, it promotes relaxation. By relaxing the muscle, the healing process will be quickened. Third, cupping stimulates blood flow. The affected areas will be flooded with blood rich in nutrient and oxygen, both of which are needed for recovery.

  • Relieving the Pain

Many people who have muscle-related issue suffer from excruciating pain. This is where cupping can help. Cupping significantly reduces the pain the patient experienced. In fact, it is one of the safest ways to reduce pain from muscle and joint problems.

Cupping for muscle recovery

According to a study, it was found that cupping reduces the pain from low back problems and even cancer. When compared to analgesics and anticancer drugs, cupping emerged as the better option. The pain relief of cupping is well-known, including for muscle-related problems.

Cupping relaxes muscles and eases stiffness associated with fatigue as well. For this reason, many athletes choose cupping as their go-to therapy when they want to boost their performance and relieved of muscle-related problems.

  • It Promotes Relaxation

Cupping also promotes relaxation. If you are stressed, any injury you have will not heal as quickly as it should. This can be solved by cupping. Cupping has a sedating effect, which in turn makes you feel relaxed. Your stress and anxiety are lessened. As a result, your body can heal your injury properly.

How does cupping make you relax? It is done in three ways.

  1. Firstly, during the session, you will need to lay still and taken care of. These two alone will improve your psychological well-being, especially if you are stressed.
  2. Secondly, while the cups are applied to your skin, you will need to remain still and silent for up to 20 minutes. These forced stillness and silence give you an ‘escape’ from the hectic, outer world.
  3. Thirdly, cupping gives the same effect of deep pressure massage which loose up tightened muscle.
  • It Stimulates Blood Flow

The healing of muscle-related issues is quickened by cupping. This is due to cupping’s ability to stimulate blood flow to the affected areas. Better yet, the blood that flows to these areas is rich in nutrient and oxygen. As a result, the healing process is quickened.

Side Effects

Are there any cupping therapy side effects? If the therapy is done properly, cupping is safe. In fact, you will experience no noticeable of it other than bruises marks. Side effects like pinching sensation during the therapy and burns can be avoided if the therapy is done by an expert. In short, cupping is safe.

Alright, these are the effects of cupping muscle. If you have a problem with your muscle, be it soreness, tightness or injury, cupping can help you. It will quicken the healing process while at the same time give you the relief you need and promote relaxation.

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