Benefits of Cupping on Head to Relieve Headaches

Head cupping therapy

Cupping is an alternative therapy that has been practiced for centuries throughout the globe. It has been practiced in Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, and the Middle East. While it is a very old therapy, the fact that it still survives to this day prove something. That is, the therapy works. In fact, the benefits of cupping have been scientifically proven.

Cupping can be done at various points, including the head. Also, the benefits that cupping brings depend on where is performed. Do you want to know cupping therapy on head benefits? There are many cupping on head benefits. We will tell you about those benefits shortly.

Before we tell you the benefits, we would like to tell you about the process of cupping so you will know what processes bring those benefits. Without further ado, let’s see how the processes work.

How Cupping Therapy Works

Cupping therapy works by inducing liquefaction of the lymphatic and drainage system as well as soft tissue release. Liquefaction is the conversion process of something into liquid. Face and body congestion can be the areas where lymph thickened. Thickened lymph results in blockages of drainage and more congestion. To use a metaphor, imagine a highway with a blockage in it. The congestion is the blockage that trapped cars inside the highway.

As the congestion inside the body builds, the drainage and filtration system of the body is overwhelmed. The system slows down and the body’s response to treat inflammation is blocked by the thickened lymph.

Cupping on head benefits

Here is where cupping treats the condition. First, the suction of cupping therapy separates the skin layers. Then, since the skin layers are now separated, the congestion will be able to move. When heat is applied to the affected areas, the liquefaction of the congestion will begin. Without blockage, now the lymphatic and drainage system can function normally.

Cupping can not only treat recent congestion. It can also treat very thick and old congestion as well. In this case, the cupping process will involve heat application before the therapy starts. To achieve this, typically the therapist will use steam on the patient’s face and neck or a warm towel wrap prior the treatment. These processes will start the lymph liquefaction process and blood vessels vasodilation.

Cupping on Head Benefits

Now, let’s talk about the benefits. There are many benefits of cupping. Cupping, in general, can give you relaxation, loosen tight muscles and improved blood circulation. But, what about cupping on the head? What are the benefits of cupping on head beside the benefit of cupping in general? We have the answers. When done on head, cupping can treat

  • Cupping Headaches

A common complaint, headaches can be treated with blood cupping on head. Albeit headaches are caused by many factors, the practice of cupping on the head can at least help reduce the pain and at best cure it altogether.

  • Thyroiditis

Typically, people who suffer from thyroiditis have a thick congestion layer located around the neck’s base. This is where cupping on head helps. Cupping on the head will drain this congestion layer. Since the congestion is thick, it may take several sessions of cupping on the head before the congestion is cleared.

  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

TMJ disorder may create congestion around the ears and at the jaw’s angle. As with thyroiditis, cupping will be able to drain this congestion as well as relieve the pain and pressure caused by it. To treat congestion caused by TMJ disorder, usually, a therapist will use two cups simultaneously which they use to tract TMJ soft tissue in a gentle manner.

  • Sinusitis

Lastly, sinusitis. Sinusitis, just like headaches, is a common complaint. Sinusitis is caused by seasonal colds and/or allergies. A therapist will perform a complete drainage via cupping as well as soft tissue treatment which is meant for the face and the neck.

These are cupping on head benefits. It can treat conditions such as headaches, thyroiditis, TMJ disorder and sinusitis among others.

Cupping therapy is indeed a good option to treat many conditions. It is safe, brings a lot of scientifically proven benefits and comes without side effect. If you have any of the above conditions, why not try cupping and see what happens? And remember, to get the best benefits of cupping therapy, you should have it done by a professional therapist.

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