Dry and Wet Cupping Therapy Side Effects You Should Know

Cupping therapy side effects

Cupping is a therapy that has been proven to help patients with various health issues. From reducing stress and anxiety, relieving pain to treating digestive issues. It is not surprising if many people like to do it.

But, does it have side effects? If it does, what are cupping side effects? Are there any dangers of cupping? As with any kinds of treatment, there are side effects of cupping. There is no therapy that has no side effect, after all.

So, do you want to know about the side effects of cupping? If the side effects of cupping are what you want to know, you came to the right place. Here in this article, we will tell you about the side effects of cupping, both the dry and the wet types.

Cupping Therapy: Dry and Wet

There are two types of cupping therapy, dry and wet cupping therapy.

On one hand, dry cupping therapy involves the creation of negative pressure applied to certain points on the skin. Sometimes, dry cupping therapy is also performed in conjunction with other therapy such as massage and acupuncture.

Wet cupping therapy, on the other hand, involves the creation of negative pressure and incisions on the certain points on the skin. As with dry cupping, sometimes wet cupping is performed in combination with other therapy like acupuncture.

Since these two cupping therapies are different, the possible side effects are different as well. So, we will divide the side effects into two: dry cupping and wet cupping side effects. We will begin with dry cupping first.

Dry Cupping Therapy Side Effects

Dry cupping creates a negative suction by creating a vacuum inside the small cups. This vacuum is created by either heating the cups or inserting a burning object inside them. The burning object will then be removed just before the application of the cups. In some cases, the burning object will be left inside. To prevent skin burning, the therapist will put an insulation pad on the patient’s skin.

During the therapy, most patients experience a relief and relaxation. Although this is true, they also experience slight discomfort when their skin is pulled up due to the suction. And the skin will be bruises after cupping.

Cupping weight loss

Since dry cupping involves heat, this can be a possible side effect of the therapy. In fact, there are cases of skin burns happened during dry cupping because of inflammable substances used in the therapy. If these burns are not treated, it may lead to a skin infection and even make the patient sick.

Burning may happen during cupping if the therapist does not perform the therapy correctly. Also, the expansion of capillaries due to the applied negative pressure leads to bruising marks. While the bruises may not be painful, it will take some time before they disappear.

These are the side effects of dry cupping. Now, let’s move on to the side effects of wet cupping.

Wet Cupping Therapy Side Effects

A slightly different form of cupping, wet cupping involves incisions on the patient’s skin before the cups are applied. The therapist will create these incisions using a scalpel. In some cases where the therapist combines wet cupping and acupuncture, there is also needles insertion into the pressure points.

Due to the incisions and the suction processes, the patient’s blood will be drawn out. There is no worry, though. The drawn blood contains toxins and fluids which need to be removed. In this way, wet cupping is a good way to detoxify the body.

wet cupping

Since the process involves incisions by using a scalpel, it must be done under sterile conditions. If it is not done under sterile conditions, there is a possible side effect that may happen. Namely, skin infections. Skin infections do happen in a few cases of wet cupping.

Other Possible Side Effects of Cupping Therapy

There are other possible side effects for both types of cupping. These include sweating, nausea, dizziness, and lightheadedness. The patient may experience some slight discomfort and pain as well.

But You Should Not Worry about These Side Effects

Yes, you should not worry about cupping side effects. Why? Well, let us explain. Cupping, if it is done by a professional therapist, is not likely to cause any lasting side effects. This is true in most of the cases. Of course, a few may experience the side effects although it is very unlikely to happen.

The possible side effects of cupping therapy include sweating, nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, burns, skin infection and bruises. Most of these side effects are easily preventable. Yes, even bruises.

When cupping is performed by a professional therapist, the chances of a patient experience these side effects are minimal. In most cases, patients don’t even experience any of them.

So, Is Cupping Safe?

The possible side effects are very rare and only happen in a few cases. In these cases, the therapy is not done properly and/or performed by therapists who have not enough expertise. In most cases, the patients only experience the benefits with little to no side effects. Other than bruising marks, that is. So, yes, overall cupping therapy is safe.

Should You Try Cupping?

Should you try it? Yes, you should. Cupping provides a lot of benefits. While there are side effects, they are very unlikely to happen. Bruising and slight discomfort do happen, then again these will disappear quickly so they are not an issue. We can say that here the proven benefits of cupping outweigh the possible side effects. This is why we say you should try it.

That’s all. Those are cupping side effects. All kinds of therapies come with side effects. Cupping is, of course, not an exception. It does have side effects. Yet, the chances of long-lasting side effects to happen are minimal if it is done by a professional therapist.

In addition to that, most of the possible side effects of cupping can be prevented easily provided that the therapist doing it properly. So if you want to get cupping therapy, make sure you have a professional therapist to do it. That way, you gain all the benefits without the side effect.

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