Cupping Therapy Benefits for General Body Health

Cupping therapy benefits

Cupping (or hijama) therapy is an alternative treatment which involves the use of cups that are applied to the skin for a few minutes. People get this therapy for many purposes. For example, relaxation, pain relief, improved blood flow, inflammation, general well-being and deep-tissue massage.

Cupping therapy benefits have been proven again and again. It is not surprising if cupping therapy, which is thousands of years old practice, is still practiced to this day.

Benefits of hijama cupping for health

Here, we will tell you various cupping therapy benefits, from relaxation to flawless skin.

  • It Helps You to Relax

Massage makes people relaxed. So does cupping. In fact, cupping works just like massage, only it is done in reverse. While massage applies pressure to the skin, cupping applies negative pressure (suction). Yet, the effects are still the same. Stress and anxiety will be relieved and blood flow will be improved.

  • Cupping Works as a Pain Relief

Pain and discomfort relief is one of the common reasons why people opt for cupping. Cupping therapy provides pain relief for many conditions. Including, back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, rheumatism and even cancer. By getting this therapy, a patient will find that the pain relief effect is more effective than medications.

But, pain relief is not the only thing that cupping provides. Since the therapy involves suction and lifting of the skin on the affected areas, it results in the expansion of blood vessels and capillaries. Due to this, more blood flow is stimulated. As a result, the affected areas are then flooded with oxygen and nutrients, and thus, making the healing process quicker.

In addition to that, the blood also carries away dead cells, toxins as well as other debris that may hinder the healing process and cause pain. Thanks to the improved blood flow, the stiff tissues, and tight muscle relax. Pain and discomfort alleviated and the patient feels relaxed.

Many therapists combine cupping and other therapies like a massage to give the patient greater benefits. If pain and discomfort relief is what you want, you may want to try cupping massage.

  • It Detoxifies

Another well-known effect of cupping is detoxification. This is particularly beneficial because toxins accumulations may result in various health issues. Not to mention toxins accumulation makes you more vulnerable to infections as well.

This is where cupping plays its role. Cupping therapy removes not only toxins, but also other impurities that can lead to health issues and prolong it such as dead cells, debris, and other metabolic wastes. Since there are no more obstructions for your body, your body will return to how it normally functions.

Bruises mark after cupping

The way cupping detoxifies the body will help those who want to lose weight as well. Many people struggled with reducing their weight. Yet, to no avail, their effort resulted in nothing. Sometimes, toxins accumulations and other pathogens can disturb a person’s metabolism. Due to disturbed metabolism, these people have difficulty in losing their weight.

If this is the case, then cupping can help. Since cupping removes toxins and pathogens inside the body, it allows the body to function normally again, which of course include returning the metabolism to its normal state. While it is indirect, it is the benefit of cupping for weight loss. If you struggle with losing weight, cupping is a good therapy to help you.

  • It Makes You Heal Faster

Do you have any injury? You can use cupping to make it heal faster. Indeed, another benefit of cupping is that it stimulates the healing process. When you suffer from an injury, your body’s natural response is to flood the area with healing components so the damaged tissues can be repaired. This is why inflammation and pain happens.

Modern healing uses medication and treatments to treat the inflammation, which may end up hindering the healing process. Cupping, on the other hand, is used to deliberately induce inflammation. Because of this, the healing process of injury will be faster.

This is the reason why many athletes choose cupping. Cupping brings oxygen and nutrients to cure the micro tears due to their rigorous training. Also, cupping cleanses their body from toxins and pathogens. Thus, allowing them to perform better.

  • It Makes Digestion Better

When it is performed on abdomen area, cupping removes the stiffness and stress in the muscles. As muscles relax, digestive systems will work function normally.

Other digestion issues such as appetite loss, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, fluid retention, stomach pain as well as other gastrointestinal diseases can be treated with cupping. This is because many digestion issues are caused by stress and anxiety, which cupping significantly reduces.

  • Cupping benefits to Improves Skin Condition

Since it improves blood flow, cupping can also improve skin condition. This is due to the suction from the cups, which stimulates the rejuvenation of collagen and elastin layers. In turn, more cells are produced and the layers plump up. These processes result in improved skin appearance. With cupping, the skin will look and feel better.

Cupping can provide anti-aging as well. Skin folds, creases, fine lines, smile lines and even wrinkles will diminish when cupping is done. For this effect, a therapist will also apply essential oils (like jojoba and coconut oil) before the therapy starts. Due to cupping, these essential oils are better absorbed. As a result, the skin is nourished and it looks younger.

Not only it improves skin appearance, cupping can also treat various skin conditions as well. Cupping has been scientifically proven to treat acne, acne scar, cellulite, eczema, and herpes. So, if you have any of these skin conditions, you may want to try cupping.

These are hijama cupping benefits. As you can see, there are many benefits that can be gained from cupping. The best thing about cupping is that it offers you a lot of benefits with little to no side effect if done properly. The only noticeable side effects of cupping are slight discomfort and bruising, both of which will disappear quickly anyway.

What do you think? Are you interested in getting this therapy? If you do, make sure that you get it only from a professional therapist. By doing so, you will gain all the benefits without side effect.

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