Want to Lose Your Weight Easily? Try Cupping Therapy for Weight Loss

Cupping weight loss

There are many ways to lose your weight. Diet and exercise are two of the most popular ways. But, do you know there is an alternative way to do it? Here in this article, we will tell you just that. Namely, cupping therapy that will loss your weight easily and safely. Let’s see what it is, shall we?

How Does Cupping Therapy Work for Weight Loss?

Cupping therapy is a safe and effective alternative way to lose your weight. But, how does it help weight loss effort exactly? Let us answer that question.

First, the therapy is done on the skin surface where acupressure points are located. Due to this, the treatment stimulates these points, which go along with the lymphatic lines of the body. If there is any obstacle along these lines, the therapy will remove them. As a result, bodily functions are done optimally, leading to normal metabolic rate and reduced fat.

Secondly, since it is a therapy based on suction that is applied to the skin, it helps to destroy stubborn fat inside the body. This stubborn fat will then be removed from the system. Thus, resulting in weight loss.

How Is It Done?

Now, let’s talk about the process. The process of cupping therapy involves the creation of negative pressure on the skin. In regular cupping therapy, the cups are either left alone or moved (mostly left alone).

For weight loss purpose, the cups will be moved around steadily. The negative pressure is created by using a flame on the cups. After that, the cups will be placed on the patient’s back which later on creates suction on not only the skin but also muscle tissue.

While cupping can be considered as a standalone therapy, many therapists do use its other treatments. For example, acupuncture. The combination of the two results in quicker, healthier weight loss. So, if you want a quicker and better result, you may want to consider this.

Types of Cupping

There are two types of cupping therapy to lose your weight: dry and wet.

Dry Cupping

For dry cupping therapy, the cups are heated before they are applied to the skin and moved around. As we have mentioned earlier, this will then suck out the skin and muscle tissue, stimulating its health benefits.

Keep in mind that this therapy requires the use of flames or other heat generating objects. It can cause serious burns if not done properly. So, make sure that your therapist is an expert to prevent that situation.

Wet Cupping

Wet cupping is slightly different from dry cupping. The initial process is the same: heating and applying the cups to create suction. The difference is that it involves the skin being punctured. The result is bleeding. But, do not worry. The blood released in this therapy is toxic blood. Wet Cupping therapy will detoxify you and remove impurities in your body. In case you are worried, the wounds from skin puncture will heal in a few days without a scar.

Cupping therapy for weight loss

The Results after cupping

Let us be clear: cupping therapy does not result in immediate results. Don’t be discouraged, though. While you there is no immediate result, it does result in many things that eventually lead to weight loss. For instance,

  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Eliminating water retention
  • Detoxification
  • Boost the digestive system
  • Promote healthy metabolism as well as bowel movements
  • Helps in controlling food craving

When to Avoid the Cupping Therapy

While it is an effective therapy for weight loss, you still need to exercise caution. There are times when you need to avoid cupping therapy. For instance, if you have or are prone to skin conditions such as edema or skin ulcers, you should avoid cupping therapy. The same applies if you are pregnant. Please avoid cupping during pregnancy.

It is true that abdominal cupping weight loss works. However, cupping weight loss results vary from person to person. So there is no definite amount of how much weight you will lose with this therapy.

Cupping benefits weight loss effort. After all, the therapy is effective for weight loss and it comes with many health benefits and with no significant side effect. Should you try cupping therapy for weight loss? Yes, you should if you don’t have a condition that won’t allow you to.

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