Dry Cupping Therapy Facts and Benefits You Should Know

Dry Cupping Therapy

What is dry cupping therapy? It is an alternative therapy which has a long history. From ancient Egyptian, Chinese empire to Middle Eastern cultures. The therapy involves applying a cup (it can be silicone, plastic or glass) to the skin. Then, a vacuum is made inside the cup by using heat from a suction gun or a squeezable bulb. There are three types of cupping therapy: dry, wet and fire. In this article, we will focus on the dry cupping. We will tell you about how it is done, how it works and its benefits. Let’s start.

How Is Dry Cupping Done?

In dry cupping, cups are placed on the patient’s back in order to create a vacuum. This vacuum then lifts skin tissue, creating an upward muscle stretch. Since the vacuum forces the skin to move upward, there is an increased blood flow in those areas. Due to the skin stretch, muscle tension as well as associated pain, are reduced.

During the process, the cups will either be moved or left in a static position. Moved cups will give the patient’s a deep massage effect, while cups that are left in static position are often used to complement other alternative therapies, such as Acupuncture and Dry Needling.

How Does Dry Cupping Work?

Now, let us explain how the therapy works. At first, the applied vacuum pulls blood into the area the cups are placed. Then, said areas will be saturated with fresh blood. Most of the time, the saturation process leaves a circular mark on the skin surface. No need to worry, though. This mark will disappear in a few days.
During the blood suction process, the formation of new blood vessels known as neovascularization happens. The therapy will increase the patient’s blood flow to sore areas in their muscles. This process stimulates vital nutrients to the said area. Thus, promoting healing.

The nerves inside the patient’s muscles will also be stimulated to release pain-relief chemicals. As a result, the patient will get a pain relief effect from the therapy.

Dry Hijama Benefits

The vacuum also affects the skin. Namely, inducing micro-trauma to the skin tissue as well as separating tissue layers. To respond to these, the body stimulates inflammatory responses, which later on starts the healing process. At this moment, the body will release chemicals such as fibroblasts, platelets as well as white blood cells to start the healing process.

And finally, the stretch that happens on the skin tissue, as well as fascia, resulting in a relaxation effect, which happens in the muscle. Thus, leading to performance and motion range improvement.

Dry Cupping Therapy Benefits

You know how the process is done and how it works. The question now is what are cupping therapy benefits? There are many benefits that this therapy brings. For instance,

  • It Cures Fever

Indeed. The therapy is known to be an effective way in fever treatment. In fact, this is one of the purposes of this therapy back in the ancient times. Today, cupping has been found to eliminate pathogenic factors, which cause disturbance to body’s homeostasis. Due to this, cupping can effectively cure fever.

  • It Fights Skin Diseases

In case you have a skin disease, cupping can help you. What kind of skin diseases that cupping can help cure? There is a lot. For example, acne, pimples, boils, abscess even herpes. That is, the skin diseases that has something to do with blood.

The therapy stimulates lymph fluids creation, which are vital to fighting off pathogens. For this reason, cupping can help cleanse the skin as well as eliminate any foreign particles in the blood.

  • It Improves Blood Flow

We all know that our body needs consistent, congestion-free blood flow if it is to function properly. Here is the good news: your blood flow will be better with cupping. How? By making your arteries and veins stronger as well as eliminate congested blood.

  • It Benefits the Nervous System

Yes, it does. Many health issues today are caused by issues in the nervous system. If you want to avoid these health issues, cupping can help you. Cupping benefits the nervous system by removing congestion in the brain, allowing brain signals to travel effectively.
These are the facts of dry cupping. Dry cupping is a beneficial alternative therapy. It brings many benefits, from curing fever to improving the nervous system

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