Want to Look More Appealing? Check These Face Cupping Benefits Out

face cupping benefits

Cupping is a therapy with many benefits, including improving appearance. While in general cupping brings benefits such as relaxation, pain relief, and improved blood circulation, these are not all of the benefits of cupping. Along with these benefits, there will be specific benefits depending on where cupping is performed.

What about face cupping, then? What kinds of benefits does it bring? Well, you came to the right place. Here in this article, we will talk about face cupping and the benefits it brings. Let’s start with how the face cupping is done.

How Face Cupping Is Done?

Face cupping is not that different from other cuppings. The procedure starts with the therapist cleaning the patient’s skin followed by the application of therapeutic oils (jojoba, coconut or other essential oils).

After the application of therapeutic oils is done, the therapist will then give a light massage to the patient’s face and neck. Then, it is followed by the application of the cups.

For facial cupping, there are two cupping methods. The first one is site cupping. In this method, the cups are stationary, which is to say it stays on specific points and left alone for some time. The second is gliding cupping. Unlike site cupping, in this method, the cups are moved around the skin. Typically, a face cupping session lasts for 30 minutes.

How Does Face Cupping Benefit the Skin?

Alright, so how does cupping facial rejuvenation work? Let us explain. Cupping stimulates blood circulation to the affected areas. If it is done on the face, then the face will be flooded with blood rich in oxygen and nutrients. This blood, in turn, helps make skin look rejuvenated and heal scarring on the face. The suction also stimulates the collagen and elastin, both of which promote skin rejuvenation even further.

Facial cupping therapy benefits

What Are the Benefits of Face Cupping?

There are many benefits of face cupping. For instance,

  • Clear and Glowing Skin

Earlier, we mentioned that cupping improves blood circulation. The improved blood circulation makes the skin look younger, due to oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flowing around, rejuvenating collagen and elastin layers. When collagen and elastin layers produce new cells and plump up, the patient’s skin will look clear, glowing and feel better.

  • Anti-aging

Are there face cupping benefits for wrinkles? Actually, yes. Yes, there are. Face cupping also provides anti-aging effects to the skin. It makes fine lines, smile lines, and wrinkles look less visible. Again, this happens due to improved blood circulation. In this case, the nutrients that the blood carry helps in reducing fine lines, smile lines, and wrinkles. As a result, the patient’s skin will have a younger appearance.

  • Soft Skin

When someone is tense, their skin will not look soft and they will look older than they really are. Since cupping can release such tension and make the skin more relaxed, it can make skin look softer and younger.

  • Fading Scar

Scar on the face can make us less appealing. It is not surprising if many people want to get rid of their scar. Fortunately, cupping can help. Not only face cupping makes you look younger, it also fades your scar due to injury or acne.

The suction effect of cupping forces the skin to move upward. This results in the connecting tissues under the skin to be stimulated. Due to this, the appearance of scar due to injury or acne will be lessened.

  • Skin Will Be More Receptive to Post Cupping Treatment

While you may think that this is an indirect benefit, it is still important. After cupping, the skin will be more receptive to other skin treatment. As such, it will be able to absorb better. Thus, making skin treatment more effective than without cupping.

  • Reduced Puffiness

A puffy face can be treated with cupping. Since cupping also helps in lymph glands fluid drainage, it reduces edema. Which in turn, reduces puffiness.
These are face cupping benefits for beauty. There are also benefits for your health. These other benefits include

• Treat headaches and migraines
• Treat sinusitis
• Treat facial paralysis
• Treat earaches

Those are the benefits of face cupping. If you want to look younger, rejuvenated and more appealing, just try face cupping. It is safe and unlike any other face treatment, it doesn’t involve any surgery or chemicals to make you look better.

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