Facial Cupping Therapy for Natural Beauty skin care

Facial cupping therapy

Cupping for face to improve your appearance? That’s right. Cupping is an alternative therapy that can solve many problems. Skin damages from sun exposure as well as environmental factors and aging are some of them.

What is making cupping for face a good option? First, it is a natural, non-invasive therapy. Second, it doesn’t take long for the patient to recuperate. Third, it neither uses chemicals nor involves other painful or harmful procedures. Finally, it is relatively cheaper compared to other products like anti-aging lotions and creams.

How Does Face Cupping Work?

Let’s see how cupping therapy for face works now. Unlike regular cupping, cupping for face uses different cups. These cups are often customized ones since they are made specifically to be used for face treatment. That said, the principle is more or less the same with regular cupping: suction.

The suction applied to the patient’s face will gently lift the patient’s facial tissues. This leads to an increase in blood flow as well the drainage of lymph nodes.

Because of these processes, the facial tissues receive oxygen and nutrients rich blood while excess fluid, toxins, and other dangerous substances are removed.

The Procedure

The application procedure takes about 30 minutes. The therapist will start the procedure by cleaning the patient’s skin. Then, this is followed by therapeutic oil application. The most commonly used oils include jojoba and coconut, although other essentials can be used depending on the patient’s skin type and treatment.

The therapist will give a light massage to the patient’s neck and face. After this, the cups are applied. Facial cupping, just like regular cupping, can be either stationary (the cups are left on the place) or dynamic (the cups are moved around).

If a patient is just starting cupping, the therapist will likely to recommend 1 or 2 cupping sessions a week. Some therapists may recommend more, depending on a patient’s requirements and skin condition.


Can you do face cupping at home? Of course, you can. Just be sure that you know how to do it and have the proper equipment to do so. If you have these, then, by all means, try it. But if the optimal result is what you are looking for, having a professional therapy does it for your best option.

Facial cupping benefits

Face Cupping Benefits

Now you know how cupping therapy works and its procedure. But, what are face cupping benefits? Don’t worry. We will tell you. The following are the benefits of face cupping.

  • Youth-looking Skin

As we age, our skin’s elasticity diminishes over time. Cupping therapy can help in this situation. How? By boosting the production of collagen. Since the collagen production is increased, you will have smooth, firm and young-looking skin. Not to mention cupping will help in skin regeneration, too.

  • Glowing Skin

Another benefit of face cupping is that it makes your skin glows. Due to the suction, more blood is flowing on your skin. Thus, revitalizes your visage. Initially, your face will look pinkish or reddish from cupping, but this will disappear in a few minutes. What is left then is a glowing skin.

  • No More Puffiness

Does your face look puffy? Facial cupping will get rid of that. With enough facial cupping sessions, you will get rid of puffiness. In some cases, even contour is no longer needed.

  • Reduced Wrinkles

Face cupping can help reduce wrinkles. Everyone get wrinkles as they age. There is no treatment that can completely prevent it from happening. Treatments such as fillers and botox may make wrinkles less noticeable, but natural treatment such as face cupping is always preferable.

  • Smaller Pores

Do you have big pores that are very noticeable? You might want to try face cupping. Face cupping does wonder in shrinking pores. Really, you will be able to see the result the first time you do it.

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These are the benefits of face cupping for your appearance. Yet, the benefits of face cupping don’t stop there. There are other health benefits of face cupping. For example, it helps in treating headache, migraine, facial paralysis, sinusitis and even TMJ.

Facial cupping therapy brings you many benefits of other products but none of their side effects. This therapy will certainly make you look better. We hope this helps.

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