Benefits of Cupping Therapy to Relieve Foot Pain

Foot cupping therapy

Cupping is a well-known alternative therapy that has been found to bring many health benefits. But, what about the benefits cupping on a specific area of the body like the foot? What can cupping therapy on foot do? There is no need to worry. We have the answers here just for you. We will tell you about foot cupping benefits and how the therapy works. First, let’s get to know about cupping therapy first.

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is a therapy that utilizes suction to improve blood flow and removal of impurities inside the body. This therapy can be traced thousands of years back to ancient Egypt. It was also practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the Middle East, particularly for Muslims, the practice of cupping is known as hijama.

The main idea underlining cupping therapy is the creation of a vacuum inside cups. This vacuum will then suck the skin and making it move upward. Basically, it is the reverse of massage.

While massage is done by applying pressure to the skin, cupping is done by applying suction to the skin. Since it sucks the skin upward, there is an increase in blood flow inside the affected areas.

How Does Cupping Work: Dry and Wet Cupping

Dry and wet cupping are the two types of cupping. While both work under the same principle, namely the application of negative pressure to draw the skin up, there is a slight difference between them.

Dry Cupping

In a dry cupping therapy, the cups are heated using flame, flammable substance or other heat-generating devices. This heat is what creates vacuum later. When the cups are already heated, they will then be applied to the patient’s skin.

As these cups cool down, they create a vacuum inside the vacuum. In turn, this vacuum creates suction. Due to the suction, the patient’s skin is forced to move up and will gradually redden. In general, the cups are left on the patient’s skin for 3 minutes. However, some therapists do it for a longer duration, up to 20 minutes.

Sometimes, the cups are not stationary. Some therapists will move them around the patient’s skin. To make it easier to move these cups, the therapist will apply oil prior to the application of the cups.

Wet Cupping

Wet cupping process is similar to dry cupping, with the addition of incisions on the skin. The cups are left for about 3 minutes while the blood is flowing. Don’t be afraid. The blood that is drawn out by wet cupping is the blood that contains impurities like toxins and fat as well as stagnant blood.

If you want to do this treatment, please make sure that it is done by a professional therapist. After all, wet cupping needs to be done carefully.

Foot cupping benefits

Foot Cupping Benefits

So, what kind of benefits does foot cupping brings? A lot. Here, we give you 4 examples of them.

  • Improved Blood Circulation

Cupping, especially wet cupping, improves blood circulation. How? By removing impurities in the blood. Impurities such as toxins and fats may obstruct and disturb blood flow. With cupping, these impurities are removed. As a result, the blood can flow effectively.

  • Pain Relief

Pain relief is the most commonly known benefit of cupping. Of course, it also applies to foot cupping. Many people who injured their feet use cupping to improve their situation. It works. The pain that they felt reduced and they have improved range of motion, too. So, yes, you can use cupping for foot pain.

  • Loosen Tight Muscles

Having tight muscle? Cupping can help you loosen it. It has been found that cupping decreases the stiffness of muscle. This is not surprising since cupping works by bringing in blood to the affected areas while at the same time softens the muscle tissues beneath. As such, tight muscle becomes loosen.

  • Relaxation

Cupping is very relaxing. This is especially true when the cups are dynamic. Meaning, the cups are moved around and not stationary. If you are under stress or are anxious, cupping will help you to relax.

What do you think? There are many foot cupping benefits. Those above are some of the examples. If you are looking forward to doing this therapy, have a professional therapy do it for you. This way, you ensure that you get all the benefits without any side effect.

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