Wet Cupping Therapy: What, How and Benefits for Health

Wet Cupping Therapy

Have you ever heard of wet cupping? Perhaps you have already seen cupping bruises from cupping? Wet cupping is an alternative treatment that brings many health benefits. The therapy has been practiced for centuries by in many places, including ancient Egyptians, ancient China as well as Middle Eastern regions.

In this article, we will tell you about wet cupping therapy benefits. Before we go there, let’s see what the blood cupping therapy is and how it is done.

What Is Wet Cupping?

Cupping is a therapeutic treatment. It involves the placement of warmed cups on the skin surface. Since the cups are warmed, a vacuum is created. The vacuum will then suck up the skin upward. There are three kinds of cupping: dry, wet and fire cupping. Here, we focus on the wet cupping therapy.

Wet cupping, unlike dry cupping, involves bleeding. After the cups are applied for a while, the patient’s skin is then pricked by using a lancet. The vacuum inside draws the blood, which then flows little by little from the affected areas.

How Is It Done?

How dry cupping and wet cupping are done is similar. Basically, wet cupping starts with 3 to 5 minutes of dry cupping. After 3 to 5 minutes has passed, the therapist will then create tiny cuts on the cupped areas. This process discharges the toxic blood and fluids from the patient’s body. How the cuts are made depend on the therapist. They may use needles with three prongs, skin scrapping in Islamic wet cupping and use of scalpels or lancets in Chinese cupping.

After the cuts are made, other cups will then be applied to the affected areas in order to suck the blood up. Some therapists might pressure the affected areas so the blood can flow faster. At the end of the treatment, these cuts are treated with antiseptic and wrapped with bandages.

Blood Cupping

Health Benefits of Wet Cupping

What kind of benefits wet cupping bring? Well, there is a lot. Wet cupping brings lots of health benefits for the patient. Below are the health benefits of wet cupping.

Preventing Liver Disease

Wet cupping may prevent the occurrence of liver disease. The therapy prevents liver disease by removing stagnant, senile corpuscles. Not only that, wet cupping also takes out any impurities in the blood. Since impurities and corpuscles are removed, the patient’s blood flows, including into the liver, better. As a result, the liver can function better due to increased productivity and functionality.

The main function of the liver is to transform cholesterol and transform the excess amount of triglycerides. When the liver cannot do these functions, the blood begins to store the excess amount of sugar. This leads an increase in glucose level. With wet cupping, the liver’s function is maintained. The blood detoxification will be carried effectively which in turn prevent the occurrence of liver diseases.

Treating Gastrointestinal Disease

Besides preventing liver diseases, wet cupping can also treat gastrointestinal diseases. How does wet cupping help? Wet cupping helps by ensuring vital digestive fluids are secreted properly. As a result, the patient’s bloodstream will not contain harmful agents which may cause or worsen gastrointestinal diseases.

Treating Rheumatic Disease

Another scientifically proven health benefit of wet cupping is that it treats rheumatic disease. So, yes, wet cupping may be the better option than taking medication. There are many patients that reported they feel relief after their cupping therapy sessions. Diseases such as arthritis, joint pain lumbago, and rheumatism can be treated with wet cupping.

As we have mentioned earlier, wet cupping promotes healthy blood flow. Due to this effect, the patient’s body will be able to absorb oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and enzymes better. As a result, it can function optimally, including the healing process of rheumatic diseases.

Another way wet cupping helps in healing rheumatic diseases is by improving the elasticity of muscles and increase synovial fluid flow. As such, the joints can carry on when an impact occurs.

Other than the benefits we listed above, wet cupping also has the health benefits of dry cupping. For example, improved blood flow, curing fever and skin diseases.

Wet cupping is indeed an excellent alternative therapy. After all, it has many health benefits. What do you think?

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